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Verizon to display Redbox and Internet connected cars for CES - T, CSTR & S

Northern, WI 1/12/2013 (avauncer) - Telecommunication giants Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) has planned to showcase the new concept of Internet-connected cars and the Redbox Instant streaming-video service in the upcoming week’s Consumer Electronic Show.

Verizon Communications inc.(NYSE:VZ)’s CEO would disclose the relevant details on the launch day of the four day long technology show which starts on January 8th in Las Vegas. Besides unveiling the company’s new slogan in his speech he might also disclose details of its sole video agreement with the NFL which would provide customers the liberty of streaming live games on their mobile devices.

With its cutting edge technology termed as long-term evolution (LTE) the company is planning to compete with rivals AT&T (NYSE:T) and Sprint Nextel Corp (NYSE:S). Currently 470 U.S. cities are benefitted by the LTE services of Verizon Wireless which help people by providing fast Web connections which provides quick and easy video streaming.

Coinstar Inc.(NASDAQ:CSTR) and Verizon telecommunications Inc.(NYSE:VZ) are partnering for DVD rental and video streaming services on a trial basis under the flagship of Redbox. The services are planned to go full scale during the first quarter of the year. Verizon telecommunicatiosn Inc.(NYSE:VZ) would also lay out its strategic stance for advance in the automobile sector and put up its navigation systems for cars for display.

While New York based Verizon (NYSE:VZ) is displaying its enterprise service divisions, arch rival AT&T (NYSE: T) would be unveiling wireless home monitoring technology and security services at the Las Vegas show.

The shares of Verizon Communications inc.(NYSE:VZ) were declined by 0.67%to close at $43.30.

The Shares of AT&T (NYSE:T) were down by 0.29% to close at $34.27.

The shares of Cointstar Inc. (NASDAQ:CSTR) were down by 0.10% to $47.94.

The shares of Sprint Nextel Corp (NYSE:S) were down by 0.34% to close at $5.92.

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