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Russia: Putin sacks minister

Russia: Russian premier Vladimir Putin’s woes seems to be going unabated what with his poor human
rights record and also the corruption charges that are threatening to blow up his strongman image. The
Premier today dismissed the defence minister after his alleged doings came into limelight. It is alleged
that the financial wrong-doings have been going on for quite some time. Fearing severe hue and cry the
defence minister was sacked with immediate effect.
In the place of the sacked defence minister Anatoly Serdyukov, Sergei Shoigu, a former emergencies
minister has been appointed.
It should be noted that the Shoigu is an old Putin hand and is considered very loyal to the prime
It is alleged that during the tenure of Anatoly ministerial assets were sold at a price way below their real
value. The Russian investigative agency is hot on the trails of the beneficiaries of this sale.
The Prime Minister has earlier avowed that nothing would come in the way of delivering ‘objective
The alleged wrong doing surfaced last month when the investigators conducted raids at the offices of a
state contractor’s firm fearing that it had embezzled nearly 3 billion Roubles.

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