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GRID 2 – Sequel to Codemasters 2008 Racer

Most recently, Codemasters officially declared GRID 2, which is nothing but a sequel or continuation to their well known 2008 racer. They have also revealed a latest cinematic trailer that actually matches up with the particulars and the screenshots of the latest GRID 2 released by them well in advance.

The cinematic promotional ad of the new game displays participating cars fighting out with each other for obtaining their positions on tracks, roads, and city streets. In fact, everyone has to accept that some useful data pertaining to the new racer sequel has been inserted in the quite showy footage.

As clearly confirmed by the new trailer video, both Paris and Chicago cities will come into sight in the upcoming game. One fascinating aspect about the new installment is that it is expected to provide a standard multiplayer mode of play with advanced RaceNet incorporation so as to make the latest racer game more sociable to users.

The upcoming GRID 2 has been reported to come out sometime during the next financial year i.e. 2013, and it will be provided on gaming gadgets such as Xbox, PS3, and PC. The new racer sequel game of 2008 is also expected to come featured with an upgraded edition of the handling capability from the original game, the “TrueFeel Handling System”, which is believed to hit a perfect balance between fun and simulation.

The gamers could anticipate wide varieties of cars along with models that continued to stay attractive even after several decades in the new game. Nearly after two long years of pre-production work, GRID 2 is creating a considerable buzz in the gaming world, immediately after Codemasters released its first two screenshots on the web.

Similar to its forerunner, the new racer game is expected to feature a compelling blend of road, street, and hard track racing. It has been said that many features such as physics based handling, flashback rewind option, and vehicle damage are expected to make a return with the new sequel.

As said by its designers, a proprietary EGO power-train will be utilized for this latest project. The gamers are more likely to enjoy racing in different locations across Asia, Europe, and U.S, while the long-established environments include Paris, California Miami, and Abu Dhabi.

Slowly, Codemasters will reveal many latest resources for GRID2, once they gather a considerable amount of twitter and Facebook followers.

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