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Jackson’s father withdraws suit against Murray

Joe Jackson has dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit he filed against Conrad Murray the late Michael Jackson’s doctor. Murray was convicted of causing the last pop star singer’s death.

Jackson had filed the suit against Murray on the anniversary of Michael’s death; June 2010 and while a federal judge refused hearing it, it had to be filed again in Los Angeles.

Joe Jackson in his case accused Murray of repeatedly lying to paramedics and doctors on his medication to the late Jackson as well as not keeping accurate medical records on his dosage. He was suing for damages for a variety of issues, including loss of income and support, emotional distress, among other things.

According to court records, Joe Jackson requested for a dismissal of the suit and it was granted early in the week. Although the reason for dropping the lawsuit was not clear at the moment but it may or may not be unconnected with the fact that the two attorneys handling the case were ruled ineligibile to practice law in California.

The news of the suit withdrawal was welcomed by Murray’s attorney Charles Peckham who expressed his delight that the matter was put away finally.

“It’s good finally that this case is dismissed and gone, It’s pretty clear that Joe Jackson intelligently and smartly dismissed this case so he, his wife and children can focus on Michael Jackson’s life instead of the circumstances of his death.”

Commenting about Murray’s state of mind, he says the former doctor who is serving time remained hurt by the late singer’s death and feels sorry for the Jacksons. “His heart goes out to them,” the attorney said.

While Joe Jackson has withdrawn his suit, Jackson’s mother however takes a different stance on her case against the concert company AEG. Katherine accuses the company for their negligence in hiring and supervising Murray who was giving Michael heavy doses of the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid.

The treatments Jackson got from Murray were during the period he was getting set for his comeback tour; sadly the tour never happened.

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