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Lindsay questioned after Mansion jewellery theft

Actress Lindsay Lohan is never out of trouble is she? Well this time it is
Déjà vu playing all over. Last year Lohan was questioned by the police in
connection with an alleged burglary and the incident is happening all over;
just that it is a different mansion and the date is different.

Lohan was simply put- “At the wrong place at the wrong time”. With her
assistant, Gavin Doyle, her brother Cody, two other guys and her boyfriend
who has made more waves as a pornstar they all were invited to a party
Saturday night at the Hollywood Hills. It surely had to be an extraordinary
party as the actress only left on Monday.

The movie began after Lohan and her crew had left; the owner of the
house woke up the next morning discovering that some of his jewellery was
missing. Several expensive watches and sunglasses had disappeared. Mr
House owner got upset and alerted the cops.

Of course the actress could not have ripped a generous party organizer
of his expensive jewellery but she has a history with jewel-theft. She was
charged with Felony Grand Theft in February after she took a necklace from
a store in Los Angeles.

Her infamous act earned her 120 days in jail, and 480 hours of community
service. With the punishment and the memory of the infamous act, she must
have wished this party incident had not occurred as there is no telling what
could come out of it.

Her fear was evident when she responded to the cops asking her questions;

“Am I a suspect?” she asked.

“No” the cop responded.

At that point Lohan zoomed off. However the house owner believes that
perhaps her ‘unknown’ companions to the party were responsible for the act.

This isn’t the only connection that the actress has with burglar types - she
was targeted by the notorious “Bling Ring” in 2009, when a gang broke into
her mansion and stole $130,000 worth of her clothes and jewellery.

The case is still under investigations and surely more will come from it.

Aida Ekberg

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