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Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) posts fourth quarter results beating Market expectations

Northern, WI 1/23/2013 (avauncer) - The results season has been positive for almost all companies across board and the string is not broken and continues to be positive as the internet search pioneer Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) posted the fourth quarter results that has beaten the analysts’ estimates. Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) fourth quarter profit was at $10.65 per share, against the analysts’ estimates of $10.50 per share. Results of the company are summarized as below.

1.    Net Income stood at $2.89 billion against $2.16 Million in the previous quarter ending September, 2012. There is a said increase of 6.7 percent.

2.    Revenue excluding sales passed to partner sites stood at $12.2 billion which is 39% increase over the previous quarter. However, analyst’s estimates of the same were $12.4 billion.

3.    Operation sales were reported at $14.4 billion, an incremental change of 36% over the previous quarter.

4.    Cost per click decreased 6 percent, but the rate of decline has come down from 15 percent during the previous period.

5.    Arris Group Inc. (NASDAQ:ARRS)said it would buy Motorola home unit for $2.35 billion.

6.    The sale numbers from the international markets was at 54 percent; up from 53 percent in the previous quarter, the main contribution made by North European markets.

In its core business of Internet search Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) grabbed 67 percent market share during end of December 2012, while Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) had 16 percent and Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) had 12 percent. The Company’s CEO Larry Page said, the company has made progress in all fronts and is highly optimistic on the growth of the company. It plans to extend its faster network service to other areas, currently operating Kansas.

Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) shares down by 0.23 percent and closed at $702.87 per share in the after-hours trading on Tuesday. It remains in the Buy category among the street analysts as its expected to make new innovations and expand its Android business.

However the company is running far ahead from the competitors in its business, potential threat is expected from Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) as the company has announced its latest search engine through which users can find photos, people and places. It has partnered with Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) Bing, which will help them attract some people look away from Google.

The shares of Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) were up by 3.60% to close at $30.73

The shares of Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) were down by 0.37% to close at $27.15

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