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New Versions of “phablets” creats great demand for 3G network providers

Northern, WI 1/14/2013 (avauncer) - According to Mobile analysis firm Areiso, new versions of smartphones, tablets and the most recently dubbed ”phablets” have created a great demand for data increasing the pressure on 3G network providers. The data for their research was collected after examining over 1 billion users over a 24 hour period.  Research shows that the users of Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5 in Europe have the maximum appetite for data, consuming four times more than the average iPhone user.  Author Michael Flanagan reported that a single iPhone 5 user is equivalent to four regular iPhone 3G users.

Studies have shown that last years most demanding users, the ones who used the iPhone 4S have been overtaken by 50 Percent by iPhone 5 users following the release of the updated model in September 2012.  With the arrival of 3G and faster internet connections, data uploaded on social networking sites have increased exponentially. The figures have exceeded from one seventh of the data downloaded to one sixth in just 12 months. This demand has put pressure on 3G providers to update their content and technology to maintain the pace with the demand of users.

The iPhone 5 remains below the Samsung galaxy SIII smartphone who accounted for the most amounts of data uploaded and generated by a device. Tasks like posting photographs are more frequently performed on the Samsung smartphone than its contemporaries in the market. Research shows that the amount of content uploaded and downloaded is influenced by many factors like the screen size and capability of the device. With this demand smartphone makers are seeking to improve the speed and the UI of all their devices to hold their positions in the current charts and ratings. With Europe being the top market for data, companies hope to provide relevant material to the keep the numbers high.

The shares of Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) was down by -0.61% and closed at $520.30.


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