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Microsoft Corporation released results of a research on consumer online habits

Northern, WI 02/05/2013 (avauncer) - Today on Global Safer Internet Day, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced its second year results for its Computer Security Index  (MCSI). The company’s report exposed that more than 50% of international participants on its net are suffering from several online threats.Only 16% of them proactively engage in multistep security plans  to secure their data and systems. This year’s MCSI also analyzed cellular safety  profile of the component companies. Probes into mobile security actions of the  participant companies revealed that the percentage of people running regular up-dates on their cellular phone devices was  far less than participants running software up-dates on PCs.Only 28 % run mobile updates while 42% do regular PC updates. This could be possibly adding to their internet security risk, the report said.

The MCSI’s survey covered PCs, and other web-enabled devices like smart phones and tablet. Customers located in 20 geographical locations  were interviewed about their personal strategy towards their online protection and were gradedon a scale of 0 to 100 according to their solutions.

The average score for online safety on PCs worldover was 34  while internet protection on cellular devices it was 40. An abridged/ online version of the of the MCSI is also launched through an independant surveyor company, to showcase to consumers how how smart the company is when it comes on to the internet protection.

Jacqueline Beauchere who is Microsoft’s incoming chief online safety officer  opines that at the least, Mobile devices  store as much, valuable personal information as is stored on a home computer.  Consequently, mobile devices are “equally attractive  to data-stealing criminals” she said. She also pointed out in her statement that the recent  MCSI results emphasis that “exercising safer online habits is much more essential” , without regard to where or how they access the Internet.. She also added that there are “steps that people can take” p and “technologies that they can employ” in order to help prevent them from becoming a victim and stay secure.

The shares of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) were up by 0.51% and currently trading at $27.58

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