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Web Culture of Indians is all about Social Networking

ComScore has just about revealed interesting information about how the digital citizens
of India are spending their time online. According to this report, it is social networking
that has accounted for over 25.2% of the total time that is spent online in June. The
greatest beneficiary of this kind of social networking bang in India is undoubtedly

This report also indicates that people in India spend almost 1 in every 4 minutes online
by involving in social networking, accounting to a considerable 25.2% of total time that
is spent online.

The other things for which a good amount of time is spent by the Indians are listed

• The time that Indians spent on retail sites developed 0.5 points in previous year
to around 2.0% of total minutes.
• 8.8% of total minutes were spent on portals
• 10% of total minutes were spent on entertainment sites

Which are the sites that are used the most by Indians?

The top site in this list is Google and other websites run by this search engine, reaching
almost 95% of online population or approximately 57.8 million people above 15 years
old. Facebook was ranked second, being followed by over 50.9 million visitors. Next on
the list are Yahoo! Sites and Microsoft Sites.

The results of this survey indicates that there’s an incredible rise of social networking in
India and also that the Facebook use is rising gradually.

All of this is noteworthy data in particular, coming at a time when the Indian government
puts the blame on social media helping in the spreading of rumors against North
Eastern people, which has inturn led to a mass evacuation of these people from many
South Indian cities. There are chances that web censorship will now turn out to be
a hotly contested topic with the government utilizing this as a classic instance of the
misuse of social media.

The bigger question here is if Indians, who are addicted to many social media sites,
would be content with the curbing of their online rights. Many of them would not feel
comfortable with any kind of censorship. In the user’s viewpoint, the government
appears to be exhibiting a casual ignorance of how useful and effective social media
can be.

Social media has turned out to be a useful tool for criticizing the government.

Evidently, neither the government nor the users are ready to budge even a bit as far as
social networking is concerned.


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