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Oil Well Strikes threatens Venezuela’s economy

Avauncer.com - According to EI universal report, workers at 30 oil well in the western Venezuelan state of Zulia went on strike .The workers have not yet received their remuneration since July which is collectively amounting to near about 29 million believers, an amount matches with $6.75 million.

While being questioned by their worker about their arrear payment Houston-based Halliburton Company (NYSE:HAL), Maracaibo-based Petrosema CA, Kuala Lumpur-based Scomi Group Bhd. And Tuboscope Brandt de Venezuela SA replied, they can’t make any such promises to reimburse them as and when they themselves have not been remunerated by state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA, El Universal said.

According to the workers of the company, the reason behind the strike is the company is now involved in ugly political affairs and spending lots on them.

The president has spent vast amounts of oil revenue on social welfare projects such as subsidized food, education and house-building programs which helped the upliftment of the country’s poor majority.

For last 100 years Venezuela’s economy depends exclusively on its oil industry .The workers put hard effort to raise the company to that level. They work daily to push forward the industry and to strengthen its economic condition.

But as a result of this they got? Thousands of staff were fired, and those who remained at state oil company PDVSA were “deeply politicized” and understood their role in the president’s socialist project.

So now the entire worker joined hands together and determined strongly to fight against this dirty business for their rights. So a total of 30 oil workers has gone on strike citing union leader Luis Diaz.

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