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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) proving its speed next in Provo-Utah gig


Northern, WI 04/18/2013 (avauncer) - Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (Closed: $767.15, Down by 1.99%) has been speeding-up on its expansion plans of the Fiber broadband internet services. The third city in the United States where the company will be launching this super-fast online access to users Provo, Utah. In a blog post, the Google fiber general manager, Kevin Lo said that the California-based company has sealed a deal to acquire iProvo, a city-owned fiber optic network. The Google plan will need the city council’s approval. The objective of the vote that is scheduled to be held next week is to upscale and complete the constriction of this hi-speed network which will have the capacity to deliver upto 1 gigabit per second.

The smart choice
The world’s most popular search engine garners a large amount of profit from online advertising. Expansion of its high-speed broadband services will help it attract an even larger number of users and help keep the existing ones riveted to the site. The company has its own online features and has to ensure that customers have easy and quick access to them. Google made the smart choice in picking Provo. In doing so, it has automatically lauded the business friendly environment that exists in the city as well as its technology companies, including Ancestry.com the family research site.

Building a strong foundation
In the blog, Lo said that the company believes that gigabit speeds are the foundation stones of the Internet. He said that Google is sure that Provo’s residents already have ideas about what they would like to build with a gig. The company has already broadcasted its plans to launch TV and broadband services in Kansas City, Kansas as well as in Austin, Texas.  Google said that Provo had commenced construction of the municipal network in the year 2004 and started seeking a partner in 2011. The basic idea was to find a partner who would be willing to acquire the system and be able to offer affordable services to the residents of the city. This is exactly what Google aims to do with the Provo launch. Profitability is a lot about mutual benefit


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