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Change in licensing will help customer’s says Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT)- GOOG, AAPL


Northern, WI 03/13/2013 (avauncer) - Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) recently announced licensing changes for its Office 2013, making it easier for customers to transfer their software to a new or replacement PC. Customers voiced concerns over an earlier decision by the company, which Microsoft took heed of and adapted in favor of consumers accordingly. The company’s stock currently trades at around $28 per share and has a market capitalization of around $233 billion.

Microsoft Corporation is a world renowned maker of software and computer operating systems, under the brand name Windows. It is a chief rival of technology behemoths Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) with a market capitalization of around $402 billion and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), a Mountain View, California company with a capitalization of around $271 billion.

Apple, Inc. is trying to avoid the fate that befell Microsoft Corporation about decade ago when its valuation made it the most valuable company in the world at the time. Apple, Inc’s shares fell around 2% on trading to close at around $428.00 per share. Analysts overwhelmingly recommend the stock as a Buy. Apple, Inc. has been a strong market bell weather and if it can withstand a potential challenge from Google Inc’s Android operated tablets to its iPad line of computers, as well as limit copyright infringement litigation with the likes of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KRX:005930), it should continue to grow in market strength.

Apple, Inc.’s financials are still fairly solid, despite the downturn in its stock price over time. Relative to other technology stocks within the sector, the quick ratio for Apple Inc. is 1.3, versus 2.59  for Microsoft Corporation and 3.48 for Google Inc. These liquidity measures however are good indicators of the amount of cash available for any potential expansion or acquisitions.

Another technology giant, Google Inc, has also been experiencing a similar downturn as that of Apple, Inc. the

Google Inc financials show a debt to equity ratio of around 31%, which is good for a technology concern of this size, as compared to the debt to equity ratio of Apple, Inc. that is around 54% and of Microsoft Corporation that is around 77%. The debt ratios for the respective companies Google Inc, Apple, Inc. and Microsoft Corporation are 24%, 35% and 44%.

Microsoft Corporation’s continued willingness to bend to the demands of their consumers should go a long way in helping it avoid any future prolonged downturn in its stock price. Shares of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) were up by 0.14% to close at $27.91.

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