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Mountain Lion Operating System for Mac Jumps into Mobile


Mobile devices are responsible for the mass of Apple’s overall sales and earnings at the moment. Now, the company is creating the latest Mac system Mountain Lion almost similar to the iOS software that powers the famous iPads and iPhones.

The consumers don’t really require a lot of time with the latest Mac OS to notice that tablet computers and phones have completely triumphed over PCs at Apple. It is also offhandedly dropping the Mac nameplate from the latest Mac OS X working software, even though computer system will still continue to be called as Macs, but not supersized iPads.

The latest system, which is officially OS X 10.8 edition, and nicknamed Mountain Lion, went on global sale recently as a $19.9 download from the company’s App Store. It has been developed based on the earlier system, Lion, which was introduced during last July. Mountain Lion is prepared for a marketplace, where your computer system is just one among your computing gadgets, along with your latest iPad and iPhone devices.

The company wishes to make it a lot easier to change from one device to the other, several times in a day. It is already quite easy to change between iPad and iPhone. For example, apps and songs you purchase on an iPad will mechanically crop up on your iPhone device via Apple’s new iCloud online storage facility. Lion has a few iCloud features; however Mountain Lion really carried the new Mac into the great iPhone-iPad family.

That is what most of the consumers like the most about the latest Mountain Lion. It uses a lot from its well-known mobile cousin. The Mac already had many mobile-like features such as the capability to zoom in/out on a MacBook just by pinching your fingers on its plain touchpad. Infact, the new Mountain Lion goes even further in this regard.

A notification center glides out from the screen’s right side to provide calendar reminders and also the recent mail items. It imitates, down to layout and font, background color, the way you obtain news alerts, Facebook updates, and many other notifications on your iPhone device.

The Mac’s iChat application has been abandoned in support of messages, which is actually made phone friendly by integrating the iMessage service for iPad, iPhone, and iPad consumers to exchange images, texts, and video. Now, you can easily send messages from your new Mountain Lion to your friends or reach another Mountain Lion consumer from your device.


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