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AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) loses Two-Way patent battle-coughs up $27.5 million


Northern, WI 03/21/2013 (avauncer) - AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) (Current: $36.15, Down by 0.11%) has been asked to pay $27.5 million after infringing the patents held by a Colorado company. Two-Way Media owns patents that cover online audio and video steaming and U-Verse TV services and AT&T infringed them. They cover ways in which detailed customer usage data can be gathered and live streaming technology as well. The Boulder, Colorado-based company had previously sued Limelight Networks, Inc (NASDAQ:LLNW) (Current: $2.13, Up by 3.40%) and Akamai Technologies Inc over this very same technology patent issue. Those two companies had settled their individual matters.

Two out of three patents infringed

The focus of the trial was on three different Two-Way patents. The jury found that U-Verse had infringed two out of the three. AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) said that it will not be leaving the issue at this point and that it will be seeking that the verdict be overturned. An AT&T spokesperson, Marty Richter said that in this case the verdict was a very minuscule portion of what the plaintiff had sought from the court. He went on to say that the amount that was awarded will be challenged by the company.

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