RIM: Really, the Deferral in the Latest Blackberry-10 OS is a Beneficial Thing?

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One question that most of the consumers might have in their mind would be – whether the deferral in the latest Blackberry-10 OS, which is a model that is supposed to actually turn the corporation around, is really good for the enterprise.

That is the same thing, which RIM’s latest CEO, Thorsten Heins has stated at the recent yearly meeting. Apart from wishing to get the new device deadly right, he added that the delay in the release date or postponing the debut date, will really help the company because there will be considerably less contest over the coming Christmas holiday.

At this instant in listening to the CEO Thorsten’s speak most of the consumers, who are eagerly waiting for the new device release, slapped their forehead. Thorsten’s speech has made many consumers to doubt the validity of his statements.

Firstly, most of the users really don’t get the point that how actually missing the present holiday season, when billions of buyers spend, can definitely be a beneficial thing. But, the actual truth is that RIM wants money. Without an invasion, it will certainly have no other way to manufacture, market, and deliver the latest device. Don’t mind that more new Android and iPhone gadgets will have acquired what some non-corporate users were left to Blackberry.

Secondly, there was absolutely no indication of the total sale of the enterprise. No remark of what features JP Morgan may have founded, or place on the table, and also no mention of latest apps, which are greatly lacking for the new gadget. And even there is no indication of what will occur, in case the new device turns out to be a non-starter.

It looks like the company is simply spending time. Some sources suggest that they require time to actually get a device in a final ready state, time to get a faithful partner in the promising future and also time to carry on to relax the corporation. The stock price of the company has been dropped by nearly 5-percent after the meeting concluded, as reported by one of the leading sources.

There is a common agreement that at this point in time, the one and only thing that is really holding RIM floating are the business users. As reported in CNNMoney recently, it is not just users that are dumping RIM’s QWERTY gadgets in favor of the new iPhones and latest Android devices.

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