Swift beats Bieber in Forbes List

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Justin Bieber may have 22 million followers on twitter and may cause pandemonium with crowds  but when it comes to the under 30 performer who earned more cash in the last one year, then he is second place. The teenage sensation was beaten to first place by Taylor Swift.

According to the release by forbe, the 22 year old Taylor Swift made $57 million between May 2011 and May 2012. Bieber came second, falling by $2million short of Taylor with $55million. 24 year old Rihana came third with $53 million, before Lady Gaga ($52 million) and Katy Perry ($45 million). That also meant that Bieber is the only man in the first five.

“We are seeing a convergence of these talented women who know how to work the system,” said Dorothy Pomerantz, the Los Angeles bureau chief for Forbes. “The things they have in common, obviously they write great hits, are strong personalities. That really helps them from a publicity point of view. They connect with their fans,” she added.

Swift has her Speak Now world tour to thank for much of the earnings; Forbes estimates she made $1 million a night. That’s on top of album sales and her endorsement work for CoverGirl makeup.

The singers left the actresses and actors in their trail. Kristen Stewart was the only actress in the first ten. With estimated earnings of $34.5 she finished seventh.

Stewart played a lead role in the “The Twilight Saga” films, also hit it big with “Snow White and the Huntsman” and is considered one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming stars.

Co-star in the “Twilight” films and real-life boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, came in at No. 10 with earnings of $26.5 million. Pomerantz attributes this surge for the duo on their role in the movie.

“‘Twilight’ has done wonderful things for these kids’ bank accounts,” said Pomerantz, adding that they are now making $12 million per film in the franchise. “What will be telling is how they do post-’Twilight.’” The next other actor on the list starred in the “Twilight” movie too; Taylor Lautner.

To come up with the figures, Forbes considered album and concert sales, movies, profit participation, endorsements and advertising work. The magazine’s editors consulted managers, agents and lawyers to tally the estimates.

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