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Heartland Financial USA, Inc. (NASDAQ:HTLF) announces cash dividend

Northern, WI 1/24/2013 (avauncer) - Heartland Financial USA, Inc. (NASDAQ:HTLF), has declared that the company’s board of directors has authorized the payment of $0.10 for each share as quarterly cash dividend on its  common stock. The dividend will be paid on 8th March 2013 to stockholders who are on record as of the end of 22nd February 2013. The company had 16,827,835 common shares listed on NASDAQ as of 31st December 2013.

Information about Heartland Financial USA Inc.

Heartland Financial USA Inc. a $4.6 billion company is a financial services organization operating in diverse fields. It offers various types of financial services such as  banking, wealth management, consumer finance services, mortgage, insurance and investment both in the retail as well as commercial categories. At present, the company has 69 banking sites in 47 places such as Iowa, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, and Minnesota. It has loan offices in North Dakota, California, Idaho and Wyoming. You can get more details about Heartland Financial USA, Inc. on its website.

The shares of Heartland Financial USA, Inc. (NASDAQ:HTLF) were down by 3.24% to close at $25.99.


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