Posted July 29, 2012 by Eric Shirey in Fashion and Lifestyle

Ukraine’s Disabled Models Rocks the Fashion Show

At a flashy Kiev night club with glittering neon lights and high music, models walked the ramp, sporting glamorous hats and evening gowns at a fashion show in Ukraine. But, this was no ordinary fashion show as disabled models showed off at the event; some were blind, others were rolled on wheelchairs.

Most designers were from Ukraine and they displayed costumes mainly for physically handicapped people in an effort to fetch dignity and attention to some international citizens. In a nation where only few government schools do accept physically challenged children and most constructions lack wheelchair slopes, the event is a brilliant step forward, eliminating the dishonor that shrouds Ukraine’s disabled.

Ilona Slugovina, one of the participants, who is an avid wheelchair ballroom dancer, says people who are handicapped, blind all should be accepted. Antonina Krivobok, who wore a purple evening dress, said she felt beautiful and confident on wheelchair, presenting herself in front of TV cameras in a bold avatar.

Few walked very confidently on the ramp, accompanied by young men in stylish attire, while few appeared a little nervous.

Audience were found cheering the models. Both beginners and established designers displayed graceful suits and dresses for physically challenged women; the outfits were bit different from the normal pieces that ambulatory women wear and few were cut in a more capacious fashion so that it would be easy to handle on wheelchairs.

One of the designers from Ukraine, Natalia Anri said God made all women beautiful, no matter whether they are normal or abnormal and being a designer, her aim was to stress that beauty; however, it’s not all about cloths, but was about showing how capable they are.

Another 28-year old participant, Yulia Kozluk, who finds computer jobs for disabled people like herself, said she hopes for the best from this event; it would help Ukrainian public to grow up and recognize who’re indifferent. Talking about her life, Yulia became paralyzed at 23 after meeting with a car accident that changed her life.

Even children with disabilities are not accepted in normal private schools; they are forced to be put in orphanages or specialized schools, where the chances of interaction with society is limited. Moreover, finding a job is becoming tough nowadays and about 25% of disabled employees, mostly at low-paid and low-skilled jobs.

Eric Shirey

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