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IBM’s Rometty center-staging “big data” services in 2013


Northern, WI 03/09/2013 (avauncer) – Ginni Rometty, Chief Executive Officer of International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) says that the company’s main focus this year will be “big data” services. These services permit customers to dig out vast chunks of information which helps them in making better business decisions. She had very recently given a speech in New York before the Council of Foreign Relations where she had emphasized that the data that they provide will give governments and companies a competitive edge. She said that she wants the data to be looked upon as a natural resource. Insight that was based on data helped in a 30 percent crime reduction in Memphis Tennessee. It had also very accurately predicted President Barack Obama’s campaign’s swing state outcome said Rometty.

Setting sights overseas

She also said that close to 80 percent of International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM)’s growth has been coming from outside America and that the data capabilities have been responsible for the break into newer overseas pastures. The services that are being sold also cover a much wider task-range and include payroll, weather monitoring and traffic management. IBM has made 35 acquisitions worth close to $16 million and these will help the company in boosting its analytics capabilities. Last week, the company increased its sales forecast for 2015 in the data analytics domain to $20 billion. International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) had first set the goal for this category in 2005 and its revenue from it had generated a revenue of close to $10 million.

Varied uses

Rometty went on to say that a large number of businesses. Both large and small are tracking individual employee performance with analytics and are using it to customize solutions for their customers. They no longer have to work in a limbo and can work on solid premises. The death of the average is a definite eventuality. Cybercrime can be fought very effectively with the use of analytics and Rometty said that countries should discard working on individual legal approaches and work in a cohesive manner on a data-based strategy.

Shares of International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) went up by 0.46% to close at $210.38

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