Microsoft's Surface Laptop and Pro are now available worldwide

Microsoft's new Surface computers arrive, we go hands-on

"Think about it, if we had been looking at [Apple] we wouldn't have made a product like Surface Pro or Surface Book", Gavin told Business Insider. Yet it has never been the true take-anywhere device Microsoft has tried to sell it as.

The screen to bezel size ratio is perfectly judged, the kickstand is superb, allowing a viewing angle from a near-upright, 85 degrees or so, all the way down to a sketch-friendly, just-off-the-table. The French launch date of the Surface Laptop is scheduled for June 15, 2017, that is ... tomorrow!

The new Surface Pro is a product of subtle refinements made by Microsoft's hardware team, a lot of them unseen according to company executives. Starting with the 2012 unveiling of the first tablet, Panay gave us the inside story on how Microsoft built its own high-end hardware empire, revealed some insight into why it took so long for the company to build an actual laptop, and finally explained why they don't just bundle the Surface Pro with a frickin' keyboard already. The "PixelSense" screen is the same size (12.3in across the diagonal), adopts the same practical 3:2 aspect ratio as before and has the same resolution - 2,736 x 1,824.

Surface Laptop is also available with a limited time office offer. Consumers have a hard decision to make - which one should they buy? The new model isn't huge upgrade over 2015's Pro 4, but all of the changes are welcome.

In short, Surface Pro is a great portable Windows PC for getting work done or following creative pursuits on the road or in the skies. Now there's a gentle, nearly imperceptible curve. But I'm certainly not one.

The soul of an image is not always visible in what the viewer sees, but lives in what the photographer experienced. That's four years after Apple's patent and 2.5 years after the patent was made public.

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The Surface Pro, on the other hand, got a slightly better score: 1 out of 10. iFixit claims that removing the display of the Surface Pro is tricky due to the non-standard connectors used on the device, and you'll need to remove the entire display assembly in order to replace any parts of the device.

It also boasts "a much lower latency", so user inputs with the Surface Pen are registered on the display with nearly no delay.

Civilizations VI should, ostensibly, be flawless on a Pro. But I can't see how that, paired with a better pen, is worth the price Microsoft is charging. Menus were non-responsive, and sometimes I couldn't even get past the title page. But, when it's time to actually get some work done, I can snap the keyboard back on, attach my wireless mouse, and use it like a normal laptop. This machine is quiet, Microsoft sent me the i7 model which has a fan (m3 and i5 models do not have fans) and compared to the Pro 3 and Pro 4, the company has made significant progress in creating a device that is much quieter. It's joined by a mildly updated Surface Pro. The Surface Pro is a hybrid, trying to meld the best of two worlds and demanding steep compromises in that effort.

You can run Steam, and I managed to get Left 4 Dead 2 running pretty happily on it. Try that on an iPad. The pen itself was also dramatically improved, with better sensitivity and reduced latency. It looks almost identical to the Surface Pro 4-so much so that you might think there aren't any changes at all. Though in this iteration it comes perilously close.

You'll get an nearly identical software and hardware experience with last year's Surface Pro 4, save for processor speed and battery life, but you'll save a whole lot of money. Still no matter how good it is, it leaves the device very unbalanced when open, thus requiring a strong hinge to stabilize it.

And that, unfortunately, is the only real glaring problem with the Surface Pro. On a desk it's ideal. Nor are most of the people I've spoken to about the space over the last week. In a bed, on a couch, lounging in general, it's a whole other story. There's no perching the device on your chest and tilting the display forward so you can read sans glasses, in fact even laying it on your chest, in laptop mode, send a tremor of fear through you.

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